With the spread of digital tools, threats to those who use them every day have inevitably increased. Our goal is to provide our customers with all the legal assistance necessary to make the use of the tools on the network secure and to avoid or limit the consequences of cyber threats.

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Cyber Security

Secure data protection and transmission and computer authentication
Computer risk analysis, breach techniques and countermeasures to be implemented.

Prevention of cyber attacks

Analysis ex art 32 GDPR of the systems adopted for the protection of personal data
Annual verification of the activities carried out by the company for the adoption of high standards of information security.

ISO certification

Assistance in the certification to ISO standards of the devices adopted by the company and in the sale of its products and services.

ENISA model

Verification of the adoption of organisational measures from the ENISA model

Personalized consulting with our partners

 Personalized consulting through partners specialized in cyber forensics aimed at monitoring the organizational systems of the company.

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