FinTech & ICO

Today Tecnofinanza (Fintech in English) plays a central role in markets around the world. It is not only a question of cryptocurrencies (which still play an extremely important role) but also of understanding how the implementation of Artificial Intelligence models in financial systems, the use of virtual currencies and remote connection tools for the conclusion of financial contracts require the assistance of competent professionals for businesses operating in the finance sector.

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Cryptocurrency and Digital Finance

Legal support for cryptocurrency, NPL and Digital Wallet.

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence

Advice on AI models that interact with digital financial systems.

Financial regulation

Analysis of financial regulation to define new business models.

Digital credit recovery.

 SInnovative systems for the analysis of digital credits.
 Peer to peer lending assistance.

Initial Coin Offering

ICO legal support

Robot Advisory, Sandbox and Crowdfunding

Dialogue with the competent authorities (Bank of Italy, Ministry of Finance and CONSOB) within the Sandbox procedures.
Assistance in launching crowdfunding campaigns.
Assistance to Robot Advisory companies (proprietary algorithms that invest/disinvest in equity securities).

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