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Understanding new technologies is no longer just a job for engineers or economists: today more than ever, law plays a central and enabling role for growth in the market. The CRCLEX Digital Team is able to support its customers in the digital transition. strategically addressing all the requirements of Italian and European IT-IP legislation.

GDPR and Data Protection compliance

We assist all types of companies in the compliance process with the new European regulation GDPR.

IoT Product Compliance

We work to conform your IoT technologies, including wearables, driverless cars, smart cities and much more.

Protection of intellectual property

We assist you in protecting your every intangible asset: trademarks, patents, digital copyrights.


We intervene on every aspect Legal necessary to launch your commercial site.

IT Contracts

We help our clients to draw up correct Information Technology contracts.

FinTech & ICO

We are assisting credit groups in the transition to financial technologies. We treat the legal aspects of Initial Coin Offerings and Criptovalute.


With our experience we can assist you in the process of implementing high standards of IT security.

Digital Health

We work together with public and private bodies to ensure effective Protection and safety of health data.

Digital Marketing

We offer consultancy in the management of online business practices, advertising and Internet Marketing.

Prize events

The prize-giving events collect all the competitions that allow you to win one or more prizes put up for grabs by the promoter.

DPO appointment and training service

With the entry into force of the GDPR, the appointment of a DPO to manage the data collected has become mandatory.

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