Digital Health

The digitization of healthcare systems is increasingly transforming medical care processes. Digital Health solutions also radically reduce healthcare costs, increase patient well-being, promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent disease.Our aim is to help companies in the health sector to reconcile the right to health with compliance with digital health and data use provisions.

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Health protection in the digital age

Legal assistance to start-ups offering innovative services in the health sector.
 Impact assessment for life science research projects.
Minimisation and anonymisation of health data collected by public administrations or private bodies.

Protection of personal data in the health sector

 Compliance to national and international data protection legislation, creating a data management strategy that will enable it to achieve its objectives in emerging areas of health technology innovation while fully respecting the rights of individuals.

Clinical experimentation and prospective and retrospective observation studies

 Consulence to respect the intricate national and international regulatory framework in the field of medical research concerning medicinal products, medical devices and private medical registers for research on rare diseases.

Dematerialization of medical documents

Electronic Health File, Electronic Health Dossier and Electronic Medical Records: Assistance on related national and international regulatory aspects.

Using IT outsourcing and cloud computing in healthcare

Consultancy on regulatory compliance and contracts in the sector.

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