E-commerce and digital platforms

The advent of the internet has changed the way we trade for more than 20 years, making most transactions virtual. We provide all the assistance you need to start your online business in full compliance with current legislation, together with personalized advice to improve the user experience of the legal conditions.

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Mentoring, Business design, E-commerce Modelling

Legal support to companies that intend to marketplace and platforms of sharing economy.

Lead Generation, Customer Journey improvement and Conversion Rate

Assistance to e-commerce companies in balancing industry regulations and improving the user experience.

Cookie Policy

Adaptation to legislation on the use and protection of personal data collected through websites and electronic transactions.

Terms and Conditions of Use, Online Platform Development Contract

Drafting of commercial contracts, general conditions, merchandising contracts for B2B and B2C sites.

Start-Up & NewCo

Legal support for start-ups that manage or intend to implement platforms of sharing economy.

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